Les fromages de Thoricourt
Production and Sale of Artisanal Cheeses
About Artisanal Cheese

Our Principles

Every day, we work to optimize the hygienetic and sanitary conditions needed to make our cheese and to ensure the continued quality of our label. To achieve this goal, we regularly inspect our products. Our cows are fed principally with feed harvested and processed from our farm. We supplement their feeding with additional elements, including salt and linseed. These different nutritional components result in quality cows’ milk, which we use to make our exceptional cheeses.


Omega 3

The feed given to our cows is made up of grass from our fields (brimming with clover rich in omega 3), and maize (corn) and linseed, which is also added to their diet. The variety of (fodder) rich in omega 3 given to our cows translates into the presence of these essential fatty acids in our milk and cheeses.



Since 2001, we subject our working environment to the food safety controls established under the HACCP system ("Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System"), as used in larger food production firms. This system of safety checks starts with the production of raw materials and follows through to the finished product. As a result, all stages of production are routinely examined to avoid any food safety issues and to rapidly detect any problems that may arise.


Milk AA

Since 1994, our farm has the quality-label of Milk “AA.” This prestigious title indicates production of extremely hygienic milk, as well as humane treatment of the animals and compliance with other regulations of the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture. Because our surplus milk is sold to another dairy, it is inspected and subjected to controls every three days upon delivery.


Qualité Filière Lait (QFL)

QFL is a certificate given to dairy farms in Belgium with established good agricultural practices relating to animal health, animal welfare and treatment, milking, cleaning and the environment. The QFL requirements and processes have been certified by AIB-Vinçotte. Our facilities and processes have been certified by AIB-Vinçotte in compliance with QFL requirements. Our certificate number is 20010228-26 and our CTI number is 5404801907.


Certificat d’agrément

The Belgian Ministry of Small Businesses and Agriculture has granted us a certificate that establishes that our cheese-making facilities and store, as well as our products, have met certain hygiene standards. This certification process also establishes the conditions under which we are able to stock our products. Our certificate number is PF 1072.